Tolo GM

design: Adriano Tolomei

Strictly straight lines connected by a thin and stylish range of smooth curves. In the chair Tolo, aesthetic embraces the convenience that combine to give a suitable complement to the operational areas, contract and residential. Large selection of finishes, drums and accessories to meet an unlimited number of applications without altering the original character of the product.The family Tolo comes from the idea of the designer materialized thanks to advanced technology research to the attention of Gaber and materials, providing a seat to design functional and great effect


design: Adriano Tolomei


Techno polymer shell, chromed




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Frame finishes cod. 141.-- /GM2P (100 cm) cod. 141.-- /GM3P (150 cm) cod. 141.-- /GM4P (200 cm) cod. 141.-- /GM5P (250 cm)